Friday, 17 August 2018
Model 80 Continuous Hot Air Popper

Model 80 Continuous Hot Air Popper

Manufacturer: Cretors

Features:  Originally designed for snack food plants, the Model 80 Continuous Hot Air Popper is gaining popularity among retail stores and large concession areas. Popcorn kernels are popped in a steady current of hot air where they are uniformally heated to popping temperature using Cretors patented hot air suspension system. Built in sifter removes unpopped and undersized kernels. Digital temperature control allows the operator to set an exact temperature for the best popping efficiency depending on the grade and corn hybrid being used. Popping capacity is 80 lbs. of raw corn per hour.

Electrical:  Contact Cretors
North America Dimensions: 71"D x 44"W x 60"H; Shipping: 80"D x 52"W x 64"H
Metric Dimensions: 180.30D x 111.76H x 162.56H; Shipping: 203.20D x 132.08H x 162.56H