Friday, 17 August 2018
1938 Roaster and Warmer

1938 Roaster and Warmer

Manufacturer: Cretors

Features:  A replica of a durable and popular peanut roaster Cretors introduced in the1930's. This roaster is built with timeless beauty that has never gone out of style. The roasting is a simple batch roast-and-serve process. The warmer base provides warmed product storage. Optional warmer unit is available as a "stand-alone" unit for increased storage. Larger warming bin also available. Capacity: Approximately 7 lbs. Batch roast and serve. Warmer base: Keep product warm Warmer available as a stand-alone unit.

Electrical:  120V/60HZ and 230V/50HZ; 1250 Watts
North America Dimensions: 22"D x 28"W x 40.00"H -- Shipping: 27"D x 32"W x 43"H
Metric Dimensions: 55.58D x 71.12W x 101.60H -- Shipping: 68.58D x 81.28W x 106.68H