Friday, 17 August 2018
No. 5 Roaster

No. 5 Roaster

Manufacturer: Cretors

Features:  Roasts a variety of nuts, seeds and beans. Roasts up to 100 lb. Shelled peanuts per hour. Roasts up to 50 lb. In-shell peanuts per hour. Cooling cart has removable basket. Safety pilot valve controls pilot flame. Available in natural or propane gas.

Electrical:  120V/60HZ and 230V/50HZ; 600 watts
North America Dimensions: 43"D x 22"W x 43"H -- Shipping: 60"D x 34"W x 50"H
Metric Dimensions: 109.22D x 55.88W x 109.22H -- Shipping: 152.40D x 86.36W x 127H