Saturday, 04 April 2020
Ringmaster 7

Ringmaster 7" Floss Head

Manufacturer: Cretors

Features:  The first cotton candy machine to be built with a heating element that replaced ribbons and bands. Stainless steel spinner head comes with a mesh screen containing a custom fitted Incoloy heat element. Accommodates both standard cotton candy mix or regular granulated table sugar. Plugs into any standard outlet. Bowl is included and is shipped separately.

Electrical:  120V/60HZ and 230V/50HZ; 2250 watts.
North America Dimensions: 21"D x 13.5"H x 17.25"H -- Shipping: 27"D x 17W x 22"H -- Cotton Candy Bowl: 26"Diameter x 9"H -- Shipping: 30"D x 31"W x 12"H
Metric Dimensions: 53.34D x 34.29W x 43.82H-- Shipping: 68.58D x 43.18W x 55.88H -- Cotton Candy Bowl: 66.04Diameter x 22.86H -- Shipping: 76.20D x 78.74W x 30.48H